3M™ Peltor™ ComTac XP Headset / by RANGE R.A.T.S.

Clear and reliable communications are critical to success in most military operations. To be able to communicate whilst at the same time being protected from harmful noise levels is a vital necessity, both for exercises and actual combat situations. Noise levels are often so high that they can cause immediate and permanent damage to the hearing if protection is not worn. At the same time, communication is of prime and vital importance. Orders and information must be heard and understood, both via radio and directly person to person.


* Slim cup design.

• Level dependent function for ambient listening
• Functions: external input mode, release time, balance, plug mode, equalizer mode and external mute mode.

• Last setting is stored when switched off (except plug mode)

• Fully independent dual earphone system for talk through and external radio signal

• Compatible with the majority of ballistic helmets on the market

• Automatically switches off after two hours if no function is used.
Battery life is about 500 hours.

* Microphone with effective noise compensation for clear and reliable communication

* Integrated microphone boom with Quick Positioning for easy handling

* Standard J11 connection (Nexus TP-120)

* Also available with bone conduction microphone for Marconi PRR
Communication radio and Motorola GP340