AF2011 Double Barrel 1911 / by RANGE R.A.T.S.

The AF2011 is the first and only double barrel pistol manufactured in the world. Fires 16 rounds in just under 3 seconds firing both barrels simultaneously. The AF2011 double barrel has been approved by the BATFE for importation to the United States and is now available in .45ACP and .38 Super.

TYPE: geometric lock, semiautomatic double barrel hammer pistol
ACTION: short recoil, Colt 1911 system
CALIBERS: .45 ACP and .38 Super
TRIGGER: double hammer with single spur, single trigger set with double spurs
SAFETIES: left lever safety (Colt 1911) with half cock hammer safety and grip safety
MAGAZINE: 2 single magazines, paired with single floor plate, (16+2) for a total capacity of 18
FRAME: 39NiCrMo steel machined from casting
SLIDE: 39NiCrMo steel machined from solid
SIGHTS: adjustable back sight

FINISHES: The AF2011 is available in 4 finishes

  • Blued with checkered walnut grips
  • Stainless with black G10 wood grips
  • Black Magic with black G10 wood grips
  • Dual Tone with G10 wood grips

TOTAL LENGTH: 8.625 inches
BARREL LENGTH: 4.875 inches
TOTAL HEIGHT: 5.75 inches
TOTAL WIDTH: 2 inches
TOTALWEIGHT: 65 ounces (empty)

SPECIAL FEATURES: the pistol comes with dedicated polymer lockable security carry case, cleaning kit, special take-down tool, owner’s manual, and one year warranty.

EXTRAS: Accessories such as upgraded grips, cases, holsters, extra magazines, and custom-made aluminum display cases are now available.

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