Argo Outfitter / by RANGE R.A.T.S.

Designed to meet the specifications of hunt camp operators, lodge owners, and big game guides who traverse the world’s toughest terrain, the new ARGO Outfitter is a hunter’s dream come true.

Bring along your friends, stack up your gear – the ARGO Outfitter lets you haul in heavy loads without leaving a heavy footprint. Big game hunters need big loading capacity to bring home their prize. The ARGO Outfitter will bring out animals of up to 1,000 lb (454 kg) so no matter what game is in season, the vehicle’s all-season mobility will get you there and back. From the mountains and the marsh to the savanna and the tundra, explore new hunting grounds, secure in the knowledge that the ARGO Outfitter will get you and your trophies home safe.


• 4,500 lb. WARN power winch
• Robust brush guard provides outstanding protection for the front end of the vehicle, absorbing impacts from off-road hazards such as brush, branches, and more
• Dual bilge pumps
• Rear entry step to assist in vehicle entry and exit when loaded with gear, backpack and firearms
• Interior lighting package to illuminate front driving and passenger area and rear cargo area
• Angle mounted four gun Sure Grip gun rack to ensure the safe transportation of firearms to the best hunting grounds
• 12V / Dual USB power outlet, for riders to charge their phones, play digital media and utilize their GPS
• Premium front and rear seat cushions as well as a front seat backrest pad featuring refined stitching and custom embossing of the ARGO logo
• Removable hood rack capable of carrying cargo and small game out of the bush
• Enhanced lighting package featuring dualhigh powered LED headlamps and floodlights
• Heated hand grips for both passenger and driver for those cold, longer days out in the bush
• High backrest for passenger comfort

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