Atlas Devices APA-5 / by RANGE R.A.T.S.

Eliminate the Challenge of Vertical Obstacles. Lightweight and powerful, the Atlas Devices APA-5 is a multi-mission device that hauls combat rescue loads, extends warfighter stamina, and reduces mission exposure.

To achieve a tactical advantage, perform materiel haul, or rescue casualties, military doctrine often requires the ascent of men and materiel over steep obstacles in mountainous, urban, and maritime environments.

This is a highly technical and physically exhausting task that consumes the warfighter and impacts mission planning. To eliminate the burden of vertical obstacles, Atlas Devices developed the APA-5.

Building upon its theater-proven predecessor, the Atlas Powered Ascender is a rugged, battery operated ascender that easily integrates into current SOPs and COTS climbing equipment. Whether operating at maritime depth, in a desert dust storm, or 100' AGL in a helicopter, the Atlas Powered Ascender is a force multiplier that effortlessly reduces time and exposure during vertical operations.

Lightweight — Designed for the dismounted warfighter, the ascender weight is about the same as two 150' lengths of 7/16" static rope.

Interchangeable Battery — A quick connect, powertool-like battery allows for on-the-fly swapping of batteries for extended operation, packload distribution, and improved mission planning.

Powerful — Able to lift over 600 lbs directly, the lightweight system improves force protection and reduces the operational footprint by replacing a 6-9 man haul team and complicated haul systems for CASEVAC missions.

APA-5 Capabilities and Specifications:


  • Weight: 14.5 lbs
  • Max direct lift capacity: 600 lbs
  • Ascent/descent speed: Variable
  • Intuitive power tool-like operation


  • Weight: 7.5 lbs
  • Ascent distance per charge, single user: 700ft @ 250 lbs
  • Submergence rating allows connect/disconnect at depth
  • Ergonomic design for interchange during operation
  • Redundant mechanical interlock
  • Interchangeable battery


  • Rope diameter: 11 mm static kernmantle
  • Smaller rope diameter capability: Optional


  • Operational seawater depth rating
  • Operating Temp Range: -10° F to +120° F


  • Fully tensile load-rated housing
  • Ergonomic safety interlock for operation
  • Emergency mechanical descent without battery
  • Non-volatile battery if punctured by ballistic


  • Remote Control
  • High-speed ascent (lower max lift capacity)
  • Multi-diameter rope capability in single configuration
  • Extended life battery

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