B.E. Meyers IZLID 200P / by RANGE R.A.T.S.

Designed and built for extreme environmental conditions and a variety of weapon platforms, the rugged IZLID 200P provides long-range targeting and illumination capabilities. With greater target awareness and effective engagement at extended ranges, the IZLID 200P is ideal for all crew served weapon and individual rifle applications. CR123 and AA versions shown.

The IZLID 200P is a compact, lightweight IR laser for pointing and marking by military forces. It’s ideal as a command pointer, for target marking, and for communication with aircraft.  A simple adjustment turns the laser into an IR illuminator for rapid identification with NVG’s or IR sensors.  

The IZLID 200P is small enough to fit in the user’s pocket for quick access, but is powerful enough to call in airstrikes or aim weapons over a range of 39 km. The small size, light weight, but powerful aiming beam provides the perfect solution for an M4 or M16 as well as an M2 .50 cal HBMG or Minigun.

The IZLID 200P is also routinely used on aircraft-mounted weapons and by pilots to point out or illuminate ground targets from the cockpit. For even longer range capability, the IZLID Ultra is the ideal choice.


Weight (with batteries): 8.5 oz (CR123), 9.8 oz (AA)
Dimensions: 6.15” x 1.7” x 1.8” (CR123)
IR Point Range: 39 km
IR Flood Range: 750 m up to 6 degrees
Max Output: 195 mW
Power Supply Option: 12V dc, 3.3V dc, AA, CR123