Belleville TR555 Range Runner Combat Hiker Boot / by RANGE R.A.T.S.

The Ranger Runner TR555 provides a new look and feel to the standard combat hiker boot.  With the use of the exclusively designed VIBRAM® IBEX outsole, this hot weather breathable boot can be used for multiple applications in various terrain. 


  • 100% cattlehide leather & nylon mesh upper
  • Soft, shock-absorbent “over-lasted” midsole and exclusive VIBRAM® IBEX low profile outsole designed for improved mobility and maximized traction in rugged terrain
  • TR-1 premium load bearing orthotic insole
  • Deeply serrated toe and heel bumper to aid in vertical climbing and crawling
  • Sharp angled lugs and defined heel maximize traction
  • Rappelling bars on outsole extend wear of outsole
  • 6” height

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