BLR Black Label Takedown 16" 223 Rem / by RANGE R.A.T.S.

BLR Black Label Takedown 16" 223 Rem - A true scout rifle that takes down in seconds. Modern tactical features: 1913 rails on the receiver, barrel and accessory rails on the forearm. 

This is no ordinary BLR. Your grandpa's BLR was probably like many others; stored in a scabbard and used for hunting from a horse. This one isn't. The Black Label Takedown is generally categorized as a scout rifle -- a concept pioneered by Jeff Cooper. It is short, fast to the target and very effective. This BLR takes the concept a bit further by adding a full takedown feature, accessory rails, a flash hider and a short 16" barrel (legal in all 50 states).

Take down in a second. The proven BLR takedown system lets you break down your BLR into two compact halves with the pull of a little takedown lever. Nothing more. BLR Takedown models are just as accurate and reliable as their unified counterparts but much easier to transport and store. The rifle is easily and quickly assembled without tools by simply sliding the barrel half into the receiver half and locking them together with the flip of a lever. The lever mechanically engages a stout locking lug into a recess in the bottom of the receiver. 

The differences.  The receiver is of aircraft grade aluminum with a Matte black finish. A 1913 scope rail is installed on the receiver which extends forward onto the barrel. Lot's of room for optics and lots of choices for placement. It features a very compact 16” barrel featuring a Seekins Flash Hider attached with Suppressor ready threads. Black laminate; Satin finish stock and forearm and  1913 rails suitable for flashlights or lasers on both sides of the forearm. QD cups installed.

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