B&T SMG APC45 cal. .45 ACP / by RANGE R.A.T.S.

For those who believe that „bigger is better“ the APC45 is the perfect choice. It is not only one of the lightest and most compact .45 SMGs on the market, but due to its internal hydraulic buffer it is the most pleasant to shoot. The buffer also gives the shooter tight shot groups when short bursts fired.


System: Close bolt blow back system
Stock Pull: 340 mm
Primary Sighting System: Aimpoint Micro TL
Secondary Sighting System: Flip up emergency sight
Operation: Full auto
Charging handle: Interchangeable
Height: 321 mm (incl. 25 round magazine and Aimpoint)
Suppressor connector: 3-Lug
Training System: Simunition, Manipulation
Sight length: 261 mm
Width: 67 mm (incl. chargin handle)
Length min./max.: 385 mm / 597 mmNAR Rails: 1 + 3
Handling: Ambidextrous
Shoulder stock: Foldable
Weight: 2.8 kg (incl. 30-round magazine, Aimpoint, front grip)
Calibre: .45 ACP
Rate of fire: 1000 rpm
Magazines: 12, 17 and 25 round steel magazines
Also included: One each 12, 17, 25 round magazine, magazine loader, QD front grip, cleaning kit, sling, case, manual

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