Darkfin Power Gloves / by RANGE R.A.T.S.

Darkfin power gloves are the most advanced webbed propulsion glove ever designed. With 12 sizes to choose from and the contoured shape make Darkfin gloves fit great with the best wet to dry grip! Darkfin gloves flexible, durable and comfortable, Darkfin gloves are usedfor Surfing (worn by big wave surf champs), Snorkeling, Swimming, Kayaking and Scuba including Disabled, Rescue and Military divers.


  • 3-D hand mold design for ultimate comfort
  •  Lightweight latex won't absorb water and get heavy
  •  Cotton flock surface provides excellent grip
  •  Increase propulsion by up to 70%
  •  Improve upper body strength
  •  Improve any water sport

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