EarthRoamer XV-LT / by RANGE R.A.T.S.

EarthRoamer XV-LTs are designed to look good, but there is brawn to match the beauty and the beauty is more than skin deep.

EarthRoamer XV-LTs are built on four wheel drive, turbo diesel powered, Ford F-550, commercial duty cab chassis trucks. With a 19,500 pound gross vehicle weight rating and up to a 12,500 pound towing capacity, you can bring all your toys with you. In its standard configuration, EarthRoamer XV-LTs are designed to accommodate from two to eight adventurers comfortably depending on the cab and camper body chosen.

EarthRoamer began designing and building the EarthRoamer XV-LT prototype in late 2002 and launched this revolutionary vehicle at Ford’s 100th anniversary celebration in Detroit, Michigan in 2003. With features like a molded composite body, massive solar panel array and ground-up design for all weather, rough road, stand-alone operation, the XV-LT instantly defined a new class of vehicle – an Xpedition Vehicle or XV.

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