FieldCraft Green Beret Minimalist Survival Kit / by RANGE R.A.T.S.

The Minimalist Survival Kit was designed, approved, and field tested by U.S. Special Forces operators and subject matter experts. Unlike a standard bulky survival back pack, this sleek 4.5” X 6.5” case is convenient and compact providing you the ability to keep it with you, improving your chances of survival in various survival scenarios. The Minimalist Survival Kit contains only quality survival tools, suggested retail of kit and contents before shipping is $160.00 +. Get yours today, only the prepared will survive.

Kit Includes

. Synthetic composite molded water resistant case
. Chlorine dioxide tabs (20-liter supply)
. 1 Liter collapsible water bottle
. Snap link fastener
. Ultralight Petzl e+ lite headlamp with white or red LED, continuous or strobe lighting.
. High visibility advanced emergency SOL blanket
. Double sided stainless steel signaling mirror
. Infrared flag patch with velcro fastener
. Emergency signal whistle
. Compass
. Thermometer
. Weather proof magnesium fire starter (3000 strikes
. Cotton ball fire tender
. All weather notebook with measuring system and pencil
. Field manual with suggested uses of contents
. Rapid application tourniquet
. Triple antibiotic ointment
. SPF 30 sunscreen
. Band aids
. 200mg Advil
. 25mg Benadryl
. 150mg Zantac
. Stainless steel Gerber multi-tool
-Fine edge blade-Needle nose spring loaded pliers
-Wire cutter
-Medium flat driver
-Crosshead driver
-Bottle opener
-Retail package opener

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