First Spear Modular Transport System / by RANGE R.A.T.S.

The long awaited FS Modular Transport Bags are now ready and available to be used in conjunction with the FS Rolling Bag Frame. These bags can now give you sectional, modular capability to your existing Contractor Bag and Rolling Frame or be purchased separately along with an optional Rolling Bag Frame. All bags attach firmly and easily to the Frame as well as to each other. Attachment points on the bag will accept the FS 2” Break-Away Padded Sling
for transportation off the frame.

The Modular Travel Bag is currently available in two functional configurations:

1) three single bags that will integrate onto the frame together.
2) one single top bag and one double bottom bag

Note - A minimum of one of the Bottom Bags must be purchased to make this system functional on the FS Rolling Bag Frame. Designed to fit the exact Rolling Frame frame used by Contractor Bag.