FX Airguns Verminator MKII Extreme / by RANGE R.A.T.S.

The FX Verminator Extreme is the ultimate in compact airgun versatility. We have taken into consideration all possible airgun applications and have included the necessary kit to handle any scenario with the Extreme. Upon opening the included hard case one will find the Verminator Mk2 rifle with FX scope mounted with quick change mounts.

Further investigation will reveal a full length barrel for high power applications as well as a shroud extension that can be used on both short and long barrels for super quiet report. Switching barrels requires no tools and only ten seconds to complete. The shooter can switch from a short carbine or full length rifle in less time than it takes to load the 12 shot magazine.

The FX Verminator Extreme kit includes:

  • Quick change barrel-system
  • FX arrow barrel
  • Shrouded smooth-twist barrel (500mm)
  • Pressure regulator
  • 4pcs of Carbon-fiber arrows ”Gold Tip Lazer II”
  • FX optics 3-12×44 IR/AO with quick change system
  • FX Optics 6-18×44 SFIR with quick change system
  • Spring loaded magazine
  • Compact Hard-case

We have also included a special barrel that will shoot arrows for added fun or small to medium size game. Hidden in a special compartment included in the case are four Target arrows. Included is also a crossbow optic with quick change mounts. The synthetic stock has soft-touch coating on both the bottle cover and the pistol grip.

The FX Verminator Extreme is the last name in extreme airgun performance.

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