Special Forces medical rucks are big and tough. They open flat and have zippered compartments everywhere. The goal, of course, is so that when seconds matter, the medic who packed it can find exactly what they need to save your life. GR2 took inspiration from these rucks in every way.

So, with all the organization opportunity and a separate bombproof compartment for your laptop, GR2 makes packing fun and if you want to travel the world with one ruck, this is your huckleberry.

Sizing Guide: It’s more about usage. Both are travel rucks, both are TSA Carry-On compliant. The 34L doubles as a very large dayruck (think: shoes + lots of electronics, too many for GR1). If you’re 5’8” or under, we recommend the 34L.


  • Special Forces Grade Materials
  • Badass American Construction
  • TSA Carry-On Compliant
  • Opens Flat
  • External Slant Pocket
  • Bombproof Laptop Compartment
  • Outer Compartment
  • Built-In Field Pocket
  • MOLLE Attachments
  • Inner Compartment
  • Frame Sheet
  • False Bottom
  • Silent Zipper Pulls
  • Extra Padded Straps and Handle
  • 2" x 3" VELCRO
  • Rainproof