The RS 8/9 System is more than just a gun: Quality and service at Haenel are convincing. Haenel connects Suhl tradition in gun manufacturing with high development and production abilities. This complimented with a service philosophy and perfect logistics for replacement parts and know-how transfer from the factory to the user and its service personnel.

Every marksman is individual and every situation is different. Haenel has developed a system which caters to these demands: Two concepts allow the rifle to be adjusted to fit the individual user and situation and both were at the centre of Haenel’s development quest. 

One is about ergonomics; the ability to make the weapon fit the marksman, and about modularity; which is defined by the interfaces a system offers to components and accessories. The technology incorporated in these concepts is trimmed to the highest professional demands. Only the best materials are used. This, coupled with the long years of experience in surface and heat treatment technologies produces a precise, reliable rifle with a long product life.

The ergonomic concept of the RS 8/9 - The ergonomic concept is based on a tool-less adjustment of the gun with the support of “quick” adjustments. The Stock can be adjusted not just in length, but also in height. The cheek-rest, which is also adjustable in height and length and allow usage by left and right handed marksmen. The precise trigger action can be adjusted for pull-resistance, trigger pull and longitudinal position and take up pull.

Thanks to the pistol grip adapter, it is possible to replace the grip, (also with third party suppliers). The robust fiberglass-reinforced PVC parts give a comfortable feel, even in cold and wet conditions. In summary, the concept affords the marksman the conditions for concentrated aiming and shooting.

The modular concept of the RS 8/9 - The modular concept is based on universally recognised interfaces for accessories; from the pistol-grip adapter to the Norm interface to Military Standard 1913, (Picatinny). A picatinny rail is milled into the system housing, this permits highest precision connected with a low line of sight. A further picatinny rail is integrated on the bottom of the chassis in front of the hand-guard.

The front of the RS 8/9 chassis offers the ability to attach Parker-Hale or Harris supports. Optional picatinny rails on the sides and a barrel-surrounding aluminum brace with integrated picatinny rails for night-sight adapters offer other options. The barrel thread is compatible with all standard silencers and flash hidder. In summary, the modular build of the system allows the marksman to use the most suitable equipment in any given situation.

The RS 8/9 convinces most in the details. Some of the most experienced German gun designers have worked together with people with practical field experience out of the Special Forces and defined a state-of-the-art precision rifle. They have brought the best solutions and functionality together in one product.