Jankel J8 Border Patrol Vehicle / by RANGE R.A.T.S.

The Border Patrol Vehicle (BPV) is a capable and flexible 5-door platform designed for surveillance and reconnaissance, base patrol and rapid offensive actions. The BPV is equipped with an integration plate to accommodate customer-specific gun ring, soft mount or missile systems. It can also be equipped with zoned armour.

• Based on 3-door J8 with robust frame system integrated into vehicle chassis and fitted with Payload Enhancement Kit (PEK)

• 3-man vehicle with modular storage systems

• Front half doors with removable upper section and fully removable soft top

• Operational payload of approximately 1,150 kg (2,550 lb) and GVW of 3,864 kg (8,518 lb)

• Air transportable by fixed wing and helicopter (MIL STD 209K)

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