Native by Carlton CatPaws© / by RANGE R.A.T.S.

Carlton's Cat Paw's/Super Sneakers are like a pair of sandals made out of high density felt that attaches to the bottom of your boot by a nylon webbing design that will keep the felts firmly in place all day long.

The nylon straps are adjustable, this will allow you a large range of sizes hunting boot to attach your Cat Paw's to. The cat paws will eliminate 90% of the noise on gravel and rocks.

The Cat Paw's are made over size by 1/2 inch for most soles of boots to assure you the best traction with the least amount of noise They will also offer you great traction a wet environment such as creeks rivers wet logs or just wet areas environments.

Carlton's Cat Paw’s are also the largest scent, lured dispersing tool on the market. Simply spray down the bottom of your Cat Paw’s with whatever type of lure that you want to use and walk to your tree stand, hang your Cat Paw’s in the area that you want the animal that you are hunting to go to for a clean shot.

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