Patriot Campers X1 Off Road Camper Trailer / by RANGE R.A.T.S.

The Patriot Campers X1 Off Road Camper Trailer is the winner of the Camper trailer of the year award three years running (2014, 2015 & 2016).


  • Widened Chassis and Wheel Track
  • Lower Centre of Gravity
  • Battery Relocation - More storage in RH Box
  • Upgrade to Redarc BMS1230 Manager
  • Stove Wind Break
  • Rooftop Tent gone, now a camper trailer tent
  • BBQ Swing Away Available
  • Rear Drawers Reconfigured
  • Side by Side Pressurised air inlets - No Dust
  • 3x Color Options in Limited Edition
  • Swing Away now Standard
  • New Laser Cut Decals
  • 6x139 Stud Pattern Standard - 5 Stud Option
  • External Charging Point
  • Addition of Canvas Patio as Option on Drivers side
  • EFS Shocks Standard
  • New Alloy Wheels - ROH
  • Color Change available to Graphite or White at no cost on Limited Edition

Power is supplied through a Redarc BMS with 12v sockets all around the trailer as well as LED lights in each compartment operated by separate switches. We install 1 x 120AH FULLRIVER battery as standard and an LED water level indicator for your 70 litre Stainless Steel Water tank.

The Patriot Camper X1 Off Road Camper Trailer has an extremely comprehensive kitchen accommodating up to a 60L ARB Fridge with sink, cutlery drawer, pantry, twin burner stove and impressive amount of bench space ensure cooking at your camp site or on a quick meal on the side of the road is a breeze, the rear tailgate also doubles as a dining table, simply pull up your chair. A massive 1800 litres of storage space  including the front gullwing box which houses up to 6 x20 litre jerry cans means you will no longer have to make a decision on which gear you need to leave behind. Gas Hot water shower as standard, 75mm high density foam mattress and a massive canvas wing style awning on gas struts enable you to be comfortable on your weekend adventure or months of touring to your favourite destinations.

Setting up your X1 Off Road Camper Trailer is a 5 to 10 minute exercise with all bells and whistles or simply fold out your tent in a couple of minutes if you arrive at your destination late and need to get straight into bed.

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