RhinoMax Discovery Hybrid 14 Off Road Camper / by RANGE R.A.T.S.

The Discovery Hybrid is the latest model brought to you from the award winning team at Rhinomax Campers. A purpose built 14ft hybrid camper that offers all the benefits of a caravan and has the agility of a camper trailer. Rugged yet lightweight and compact with its solid chassis and full off road suspension the Discovery has full off road capabilities, tows effortlessly and will handle even the toughest outback terrain.

We have taken all the engineering excellence we are renowned for in our award winning camper trailers and applied it to the Discovery. With a host of clever features and a comprehensive list of equipment as standard the Discovery Hybrid is proving to be the one of the best value hybrid campers in the world.

Rhinomax Campers are ever evolving and through listening to our customers and carrying out our own trials on the toughest test track of all the great Australian Outback we continue to make improvements on our campers to ensure you enjoy the best camping experience.

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