RMJ Tactical Shrike Tomahawk / by RANGE R.A.T.S.

Our Tactical Tomahawks and Axes are made from 4140 Chrome-Moly steel. This material is often chosen by designers for its toughness, and is used extensively in machinery, heavy equipment — even tanks. The tensile strength is much higher than that of commonly used knife-making steels.

High durometer rubber is used for the handle of the Shrike. This provides supreme durability and electrical insulation of about 2500 volts. The G-10 handles are very tough, having over twice the impact resistance of Acetal, hickory and other commonly used materials. They also have a low moisture absorption rate and excellent UV resistance.

The spike will penetrate a Kevlar helmet, easily punch through a steel clad door, and eats tires for breakfast. In other words, you can stick it in an assailant or use it to punch holes in 55-gallon oil drums to string roadblock cables (a common tactical tomahawk use).

The blade geometry is designed for taking abuse. My concept was this: The spike and beard are your killing edges; the forward edge is for general field use, taking care of chores and chopping around. One guy in Afghanistan used his to chop armament off of a downed Soviet MIG.


  • Length - 15 1/2 inches
  • Width - .365 inches
  • Weight - 23 ounces
  • Differentially heat-treated
  • Designed to pierce a kevlar helmet
  • Hammer forged all chrome-moly 4140 steel construction
  • Handle tang fixed into an insulated, non-conductive grip
  • Handle is hard rubber over molded onto the full tang
  • Hardened 4140 end cap unscrews to provide access to the provided sharpening stone
  • Variety of handle color options (Swatches above)
  • Cerakote finish
  • Lifetime Guarantee against structural failure

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