Safehaven Marine Barracuda / by RANGE R.A.T.S.

Barracuda’ is a high speed, low RCS Interceptor designed specifically for military and law enforcement roles.  One of Barracuda's unique features is that a range of both lethal & non-lethal weapons can be concealed below deck and raised up through hatches only when required during engagement.

Utilizing various stealth technologies in its form, which combined with specialized outfitting and construction, enables a greatly reduced RCS compared to conventional patrol vessels. As such, Barracuda is capable of operating with a high degree of invisibility to any opponent’s radar. Barracuda's 'Stealth' has been independently tested and validated by the Irish Naval Service. 

The design features a deep V high-speed hull, incorporating a wave-piercing bow providing excellent seakeeping abilities allowing a high level of crew comfort & endurance as wel as S.A.R. capabilities. The design is capable of speeds of 35-40kts+ depending on the chosen propulsion system.


  • High speed hull design combined with excellent seakeeping and survivability allow for S.A.R. capabilities and offshore endurance.
  • Stealth technologies allow for a low RCS, enabling a high degree of invisibility to any opponents radar. Barracuda's 'Stealth' capabilities have be tested and validated during trials with the Irish Naval Service.
  • Concealed weapon systems. A range of lethal and non lethal weapons are hidden below decks and raised only for deployment including a remote control gyroscopically stabilized 12.7mm machine gun, or a manned motorised gun turret incorporating a 7.62mm MG.
  • Crew capacity of between six and sixteen combatants, all on shock mitigation seating.
  • Ballistic protection to crew compartment up to level BR6 (7.62mm projectile)
  • Variable configurations to suit mission parameters. Available in 11 to 13m lengths.
  • Transportable by land, sea or air (helicopter)