SIG Silencers Ep. 1 thru 3 / by RANGE R.A.T.S.

SIG Silencers Ep. 1: Why SIG?

SIG SAUER combines the leading minds in signature reduction with battle-proven engineering, testing and manufacturing. The result is a breakthrough in sound reduction, material selection, reliability and accessibility.

SIG Silencers Ep. 2: Science Matters

The silent era has begun. Based on its unmatched understanding of sound and the end user's requirements, SIG SAUER is engineering cutting-edge signature reduction solutions. Grounded in hard science, not marketing spin, these advancements are helping military forces triumph on the battlefield, while transforming the shooting experience of everyday citizens.

SIG Silencers Ep. 3: The Movement

The mass movement toward silencer ownership is well under way. SIG SAUER is proud to help make this common-sense technology accessible to even more shooters and hunters. With innovative product development and manufacturing processes, SIG is making silencers quieter, tougher, more accurate-and also more affordable.

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