Tensile Stingray Tree Tent / by RANGE R.A.T.S.

The Stingray comprises a spacious triple hammock interior covered in a rip-resistant insect-mesh. It is accessed via a floor hatch in the centre or via the large front door. It can be suspended between 3 trees or other large anchors, such as columns, trucks or boulders. It features a removable flysheet (in a range of colours) for unbeatable views. The rainfly can be pegged outwards to the ground, creating a large 160sqf / 14sqm of covered porch area. 

The Stingray tree tent can also become a multi-story camping base by adding 3 standard hammocks (not included) to the 3 corner D-rings. This way, you can have 3 adults in the tent above and three more in the hammocks below - you can have huge amount of space over two levels. 

The flysheet's flaps can be rolled and toggled out of the way, but can also be folded under the tent and hooked to the central hatch thus creating a second windbreak and an 8cm thermal buffer of air to the underside of each hammock. 

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