Terradyne GURKHA Armored Vehicle / by RANGE R.A.T.S.

Terradyne Armored Vehicles Inc., is a Canadian Corporation. Terradyne is tasked with designing, developing, testing, manufacturing and bringing to the global marketplace a select range of armored personnel carriers and light tactical vehicles. An opportunity was defined whereby existing inter-corporate synergies could be perfectly applied to the design and manufacture of armored vehicles. Violent crime and global conflict is prevalent and armored vehicles are in ever greater demand.

Buyers and decision makers, often spending tax payers money, are through necessity becoming more discerning and responsible. Such buyers require armored vehicles that represent automotive manufacturing quality; established survivability; on-time delivery; dedicated maintenance & support; value for money.

The GURKHA, a tactical vehicle in three current configurations; LAPV – MPV – RPV. In North America and overseas GURKHA is already out there performing a vital role within law enforcement, homeland-security and military defense. As a Terradyne DNA'd product GURKHA is now set to further expand its market presence as an established, trusted and preferred buyer choice.

A purpose designed production facility established within a 30,000 square meter plant; a hand-picked team of specialists automotive and armoring engineers; shared armoring development and technology; distributor, dealer and service support networks; global cooperation via the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service; delivering a vehicle that will do what it says on the box. The Terradyne plant is located in Newmarket Ontario, just 30 miles north of the vibrant city of Toronto.

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