The Heat Company Heat 3 Smart Gloves / by RANGE R.A.T.S.

The next generation HEAT 3. Thumb and index finger right and left with silver fabric for perfect use of your i-phone and all touch screens. Palm side now full goat leather for more warmth and better grip. Additional 4 oz Primaloft on the cuff for even more warmth.

This product was originally a custom-made item and is now in its third generation. HEAT 3 gloves were designed specifically for special combat forces of Germany and Austria. HEAT 3 gloves are perfect for daily life in winter, skiing, mountain climbing etc.


1 - Silver fabric for using all touch screens
2 - Palm side full goat leather for more warmth & grip
3 - Additional 4 oz Primaloft for even more warmth
4 - Total freedom of movement by means of the elastic mitten function
5 - Thumb flap also allows for optimal warmth and movement when needed
6 - Mitten finger flap allows for maximum warmth
7 - Primaloft filling ensures optimal warmth
8 - Extra pocket on the back side of the mitten keeps the hand warmer (keys etc.) in place.
9 - Safety strap with elastic wrist band prevents the gloves from falling off