Tritensil / by RANGE R.A.T.S.

The concept of the Tritensil came about from over twenty five years of first hand wildland firefighting and military experience. The weight and volume limitations of these two communities extends to almost every other outdoor adventure. When you have to carry all of your gear, there is an old saying that ounces equal pounds and pounds equal pain. By combining a scalloped knife into the spoon handle, the Tritensil provides the full capabilities of a fork, spoon and knife in a two piece set. Whether the main course is soup or steak and yes, this knife will cut steak, the Tritensil will have you covered.

The innovative interlocking handle design provides a nesting configuration for compact storage without the need of special clips, bands or cases. Not only are the fork tines protected from damage while nesting inside the spoon bowl but the storage configuration keeps the two Tritensil pieces snuggly secured to each other minimizing the chance of loss and unwanted noise. The interlocking design also allows the Tritensil to be configured into an extended Spork almost doubling the overall useable length for those times you may find yourself eating out of a pouch.

Lastly, the Tritensil is made from food grade Nylon 66 which means that it is not only light weight (0.7oz) but virtually indestructible. Whether planning an afternoon picnic or climbing the Seven Summits, the Tritensil is truly the only outdoor eating utensil you will ever need.

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