Turley Knives Dauntless Canteen Carrier / by RANGE R.A.T.S.

Designed to carry water, shelter, knife, personal survival kit and whatever you want to fit to it. 
If you're like me (maybe not) sometimes you want a way to carry the essentials without carrying a large pack on your back. Something that's not hot and sweaty on your back, something that doesn't look like you're going for a two week expedition just to go mushroom hunting or fishing down at the creek. That's why I made the Dauntless.

It is a two piece kit, one piece is the detachable belt carrier itself and the other piece is the canteen carrier. Unlike a normal canteen carrier, the Dauntless is expandable which allows you to wrap the canteen and cup inside a Buschraft Outfitters m.e.s.t. tarp or similar small tarp. The problem I ran into with canteen carriers (besides being able to only carry water) was that when worn on the belt they would pull my pants down.

All the water weight was focused on one single point of the belt. The Dauntless is designed with a belt carrier that spreads the weight out over a larger area which keeps it from pulling your belt down as badly,even fully loaded with shelter and water. It's made with non skid fabric and belt loops which keeps it from sucking down to one point and pulling down your pants. The loops are set up similar to pals webbing, the belt is weaved between the belt loops on the carrier and the belt loops on your pants.

The non skid material and weaved set up has another advantage I find pretty handy. Ever have a heavy load (big knife, canteen, etc) on you belt and then try to pee in the woods? Yeah, you know what happens. If you don't hold onto your belt (which is difficult when doing what you need to do at this moment) then you belt comes out of the belt loop and the load you were carrying falls down and slams into the ground. With the Dauntless you don't have to hold your belt, it pretty much glues itself to your body.

The canteen in the picture is fully filled with water.The left side of the carrier will have three rows of pals webbing and three rows of loop closure to attach tear away pouches or patches. The right side has a pocket for a p.s.k or similar and is "pass through". At the top of the pocket is a belt loop with hook and loop closure and a snap. This passes through a standard belt knife sheath. The knife slides down behind the pocket.The bottom of the carrier is covered in loop closure to attach tear away med pouches, compass pouches, psk's etc.

The sides and bottom of the carrier have laced shock cord with cord locks to allow it to expand or shrink. It expands to much larger than the size of the m.e.s.t. and canteen and it shrinks to carry only a canteen and cup if you like. There are also "D-ring" attachments on the back of the canteen carrier that allows you to carry it with a shoulder sling if you like. Hope you dig it and maybe it's something that might solve a problem for you.

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