UF PRO Delta OL 3.0 Jacket / by RANGE R.A.T.S.

DON'T COMPROMISE YOUR MOVABILITY. It used to be that you either kept warm, but because of the bulky clothing couldn’t move. Or you managed to be agile, but had to compromise with less warm clothing. Our special ergonomic cut and the G-Loft insulation allow us to create extremely warm clothing, that is not bulky but at the same time allows you to move freely. This really comes in handy when you want to wear additional gear over the jacket, like a plate carrier or a chest rig.

STAY PROTECTED AGAINST WINTER HAZARDS. In really cold temperatures you don’t necessarily need hard core rain protection, like the level of protection our Monsoon series offers you. But you sure need protection against wind and snowfall. The Delta OL 3.0 jacket will keep you, with its highly water resistant construction, dry in snowy conditions and make sure to stop strong winds from penetrating through the jacket.

NATURE'S SOLUTION TO KEEP YOU WARM. Dry air is the best insulator ever. And just like the polar bear’s fur, the Delta OL 3.0 jacket’s insulation is based on a hollow fibre. This mixture of synthetic fibres creates a 3D structure that stores the maximum of dry air between you and the outside, keeping you warm even in extreme cold temperatures.

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