UF PRO® Monsoon XT Gen.2 Jacket / by RANGE R.A.T.S.

This jacket offers extremely durable waterproof construction, air/pac® shoulder inserts and an improved Hood/Harness technology.

YOUR MOST RELIABLE WEATHER PROTECTION GEAR. Durable and comfortable weather protection starts with an excellent laminate. The laminate used for the Monsoon XT Gen. 2 Jacket is a 3-layer waterproof and breathable laminate, which will give you reliable waterproofness, wind protection and breathability.

The Monsoon XT Jacket has an additional front zipper cover, for even more reliability in bad weather conditions. As it was primarily designed as a part of a sniper combat system, the lower back of the jacket is extra long, so the jacket doesn’t pull up when lying in a prone position.

COMFORT ON THE LONG RUN. One of the unique features the Monsoon Jackets offer are the built-in air/pac® inserts in the shoulder area. They have two main tasks. The first one is to give you additional lightweight insulation in the shoulder area and thus prevent the formation of the so called “thermal bridge“ sensation. This sensation happens when there is very few or no insulation between your skin and the outside air, which results in the cold from the rain to be conducted to your skin.

The second task is to distribute the weight of heavy backpacks or plate carriers. Due to their foamy nature the air/pac® inserts will offer you extra cushioning where you normally wear the straps of a backpack or plate carrier.

THE NEW GENERATION OF HOODS. Once you’ll get used to the amazing Hood/Harness® system, you’ll never want to go back to your old hoods. All you have to do is to adjust the system to your head size the first time you wear it and after that it will flawlessly follow your neck movements, allowing you unhindered vision in extreme weather conditions. Since you don’t need to strap the hood to your head, the space between your head and the laminate is kept, which keeps the air circulation in the hood and doesn’t limit your hearing.

HIGHLY WATER-REPELLENT POCKET CONSTRUCTION. If you are already used to the typical pocket configuration our jackets and shirts offer, then you won’t need any introduction to the pocket configuration we used for the Monsoon Jacket. Two upper arm and two lower arm pockets give you sufficient space for your essential gear, which you want to have constantly at your hand’s reach. If you have only one arm free for opening the upper arm pocket, simply bite the strap and get the necessary tension to open the zipper.

OPEN WHEN IT GETS TOO HOT. Long side zippers can be either used as ventilation opening when it gets too hot or simply as an access point to the gear worn underneath.

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