Vans Syndicate x DEFCON / by RANGE R.A.T.S.

DEFCON represents a group of individuals drawn together by a shared vision of modern design. From the hands of brand strategists, researchers, designers, and photographers, DEFCON concepts respond to the fast-paced evolution of online marketing in the digital age. Its members stay under the radar with the goal of letting their output speak for itself, and concentrate on the visual construction of personal, heartfelt passions.

After the Naval Special Warfare developed main camouflages “AOR1” and “AOR2” for desert and tropical environments, MAS (Maritime Assault Suit) Grey was introduced by London Bridge Trading as a color variance that would provide optimum environment blending for Navy SEALs to wear while conducting VBSS (vessel boarding search & seizure) and maritime operations. Since shades of grey have a history of minimal identification and work well within most environments due to their lack of visibility/contrast across the color spectrum, Navy SEALs started utilizing MAS Grey for nighttime operations in addition to maritime operations. Developed originally for SEAL Team 6/Devgru, very few MAS Grey items were ever issued to Naval Special Warfare Operators (i.e Navy SEALs).    

The MAS Grey kit consist of an OpsCore carbon helmet, a Bluewater Defense combat outfit and a London Bridge Trading 6094 plate carrier with assorted pouches and two different London Bridge Trading assault backpacks. Inspired by these covert operation tools, DEFCON utilizes LBT MAS Grey for their latest Sk8-Hi Notchback Pro “S” release this holiday. Further details are currently classified. The Vans Syndicate DEFCON holiday project launches worldwide on November 15th 2015 exclusively at authorized Vans Syndicate dealers